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Knowing Your Visitor Trends Why You Need to Know Your Web Site Statistics or Visitor Trends - April 2009
Text The Importance of Text in Search Engine Optimization - Sept 2005
Keywords Selecting Keywords - The Basis of Search Engine Optimization - Aug 2005
Alt Tags Using Alt Tags with Pictures and Graphics to Enhance Search Engine Optimization - March 2005
Bottom of the Page Using Information at the Bottom of your Web Pages to Enhance Search Engine Optimization - Jan 2005

Articles from Northwest Woman Magazine & VERVE, A Woman's Network

Where's my Taksbar?

Where's My Taskbar?  Detailed instructions on finding and manipulating your Windows Taskbar. 

Search Results

Getting Search Engine Results - Ever have trouble finding exactly what you want from a search engine?  Northwest Woman Magazine, December 2003

Internet Safety

Is it safe for kids to be on those chat rooms?
Some pitfalls and guidelines for Internet safety.
July  2003

Quick Launch Taskbar Mgmt

My friend has a little icon on the Start Bar that takes her directly to the desk top.  How can I do that on my machine?  Detailed instructions on using Quick Launch on the Windows Taskbar.  October 2002

Stay in Control

When Iím in Word or Excel and want to highlight a page or two with my mouse, everything goes so fast.  Iíve suddenly highlighted much more than I want and then I go up a little and it goes too fast again.  I canít seem to get control of this.  How do I slow things down? September 2002

Email w/ Stationery

Iíve gotten email where people have typed with different colors and fonts and used textures or colors for background.  How can I do that with my email to make my messages more distinctive?  July & August 2002

Organizing Email

Itís so hard to find something in email.  I was looking through my deleted emails and it took me Ĺ hour scrolling through to find what I wanted.  Is there an easier way?  June 2002

Copy and Paste

How can I copy something from word processing and send it in an email?  May 2002

Customize Office

I got a new copy of Microsoft Office, but I canít stand the menus.   They open and what I want isnít there and after a weird delay all the choices appear.  I feel like Iím stumbling every time I select one of the menus.  Can this be changed so I can see the whole menu each time or is it just the price of upgrading?  April 2002

New Computer

Iím ready to get a new computer.  I mostly do word processing, spreadsheets, financial management, and the Internet.  Iím thinking about a digital camera.  What should I get that will last me a long time?  March 2002

Digital Camera

I want to get a digital camera.  Do I need a new computer to use a digital camera?  January-February 2002

Hoax or Real?

I frequently get email telling me about some terrible virus with some exotic name.  They say I should send the message to everyone I know.  Are these real?  Should I be sending these to everyone I know?  December 2001

Virus & Worm

Whatís the difference between a Virus and a Worm and how can I keep my computer safe from them? November 2001

search engines

I find the Search Engines a little confusing.  What is the BEST search engine to use to look up things on the web?  October 2001

register a domain name

I want to setup a web site for my business.  What is the process for registering a domain name?  Who do you have to contact?  September 2001

email anywhere

Iím going on vacation, but I really want to be able to get my email while Iím gone.  Is there anyway I can do that? August 2001

My own Web Site?

I have a small service business and wonder if it would be worthwhile for me to have my own website? July 2001

Finding Friends

How can I find friends or relatives on the Internet? June 2001

Computer Recycling

My old computer died and I finally got a new PC (which I love).  What can I do with my old computer?  Is there some place where l can donate it for fixing or recycling or should I just toss it? April 2001  

Web Listing

My company has built a beautiful web site, but we donít get much business from it.  Someone said it needs to be listed.  What does that mean?  March 2001

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