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Computer Services and Training

Serving small to mid sized companies - companies that don't have their own computer department, but need a computer consultant.

Consulting Purchasing Services Training Networking Webs

Computer Consulting:

Every business needs a computer consultant to call when the network is down or the computer isn't working right or when something new comes up that you want to do on the computer.  Making plans for the future is even more important.  More and more effective communications are being made using computers.  How can your business benefit from technology?  It's never too early to find out.  We enjoy helping businesses get the most out of their computers.  We specialize in 

  • solving problems

  • simplifying complex tasks

  • explaining computer information in a way that's easy to understand

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Consulting Purchasing Services Training Networking Webs

Purchasing Services:

Assistance with the maze of computer specifications to determine the computer or computer system that will serve your needs now and into the future.  We supply system specifications based on what you want to do with your computer - whether it's

  • purchasing a computer

  • upgrading

  • internet services

  • faxing

  • scanning

  • using specific applications

  • networking

  • all of the above

We provide prices from a local or national retailer.  You are free to use this retailer or select your own.  This is an invaluable service to avoid the many computer purchasing pitfalls.

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Consulting Purchasing Services Training Networking Webs

Training for individuals and businesses to get the most out of your computer.

Special Training with Novices: Seniors, Parents and Executives:  Lots of people have issues around computers.  I have developed methods of working with people so that they can create for themselves a core of knowledge, something stable, that they can start hooking other bits of knowledge on to.  With this core of knowledge you can begin learning, gain a feeling of accomplishment, and enjoy the benefits of using computers.  Designed to meet the goals of the individual or group which might be word processing, spreadsheets, accounting, internet services or email.

PC - Basic Training:  Great for users new to Windows 98/2000/XP or those who feel that Windows is more of a hindrance than a help in their daily work.  Includes information on the Desktop, Menus, Icons, Windows Explorer and more.  Builds skills necessary to become productive in the Windows environment.

Basic training is also available in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Publisher and other applications.  

It is amazing what a little training can do.

All training classes can be customized to meet the specific needs of the business or individual.  Training generally takes place at the customer's location on their equipment.  As many as 10 or as few as one person can attend the classes.

Design and Presentation of Training Materials for Businesses: When businesses make system changes, employees sometimes get left in the lurch and production suffers.  We work with you to design effective training materials on system changes and features.  Then we present this material to the staff.  Such training programs tend to produce more committed and productive employees.

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Consulting Purchasing Services Training Networking Webs

Networking - Setting up and maintaining computer networks to improve and enhance the work environment

If you need to share resources with others in the office, networking is the way to go.  Common shared resources are:

  • printers

  • data bases

  • accounting systems

  • internet access

We specialize in planning, setting up and maintaining networks using 

  • Microsoft Windows

  • Windows NT

  • Novell NetWare

We also modify and expand existing networks to suit the needs of your business.  Emphasis is on maintainability and reliability.   

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Consulting Purchasing Services Training Networking Webs

Web site Optimization and Design.

Many companies have great web sites, but if only your mother can find you...you're not getting the most out of your investment.  Let our Search Engine Optimization services bring your web site to the top of the search engine listings.

Check out the Web Optimization & Design Page

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Consulting Purchasing Services Training Networking Webs

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