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Committed to helping businesses get the most out of their web sites.

Web Sites: We really enjoy working with small to mid-sized businesses who want a strong web presence that can easily be found on the search engines.  Search Engine Optimization is all about getting your web site to come to the top of the major search engine lists so more new customers will find you. 

"Thank you so very much for working side-by-side with me to optimize my site for search engines.  With your help and support, I've gone from the basement to the "top 10" on many search engines, including Yahoo, MSN and Google."
             Annemarie Juhlian, Seattle Wedding Officiant

We will analyze and revise existing sites or start from scratch with new plans and designs.  We also work with your existing designer to optimize your site to its full search engine potential.  Find out more about our affordable and responsive web site services.

Please contact Tonna Kutner at Computer LYNX to discuss your web site plans and issues.

-Making sense of Technology-

Computer Lynx, Search Engine Optimization and Web Design and Revitalization. 
Affordable and Responsive.


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